ah yes a very relaxing game of being smart.

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Made withUnity
Tags2D, bad-graphics, hahaha, mooo, old, Pixel Art, tagssss, Unity, yes


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The music kinda hurts to listen to but all in all It's pretty fun

thanks im sad you didnt like the music but what can I say? its made with bosca cieol.

I meant no disrespect by it, just noting that it's something worth working on in the future :)

I understand mate, im not very good when it comes to music, plus bosca i a rlly bsic

Its fun two play, I also like how you made a story.


it's fun, but it's doesn't look very good. 6/10


fun short game to play, but I didnt realize the game ended when it did

lol nice

Deleted 147 days ago


lemme see

Deleted 147 days ago

Idk mate reload your page it works perfectly for me

its supposed to put you back to start of level.

wait oh I see

basically if you win r stops working because win == true and pressing r doesnt affect the var

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Good code and graphics and music but weird gameplay

mmm... I could've made it better. thanks for feeddback!

I still have time I'll fix it


really fun game tbh! some levels were hard to see the door, but it was an enjoyable experience.

thanks! I suck at pixel art

want a graphics increase? say no more!

yes run very far